What are the cleaning methods of garment steamers?

First, disconnect the power cord from the steamer and wait for it to cool completely.

Next, remove the steamer's water tank and empty it of the water.

Add one cup of white vinegar to the tank, followed by an equal amount of fresh water. If your steamer is very dirty or visibly scaled, you can add more vinegar.

Reinstall the water tank on the steamer and plug it in.

Wait for the garment steamer to heat up to its maximum temperature and release the steam from the nozzles, allowing the mixture to pass through the system.

Point the nozzle at places like the sink or wastebasket to prevent any spilled water or vinegar from damaging your floors.

After several minutes of continuous steam, disconnect the power cord, remove the tank and rinse it out.

Thoroughly rinse the water tank and the pipes and parts inside the garment steamer with clean water to ensure all vinegar residue is removed.

Fill the garment steamer with clean water and install the water tank back into the machine again.

Plug in and heat the steamer again, then use the nozzle to release steam to help flush out the cleaner.

Disconnect the power cord again, take out the water tank and empty it out.

Dry the steamer surface and parts with a clean rag or towel, making sure all moisture is removed.

Finally, reinstall the water tank back on the steamer and reconnect the power cord.

What are the basic methods of using garment steamers?

Preparations: First make sure that the water tank on the garment steamer has been filled with an appropriate amount of water, and plug the power cord into the power outlet.

While waiting for the steamer to heat up, you can prepare some auxiliary tools such as clips, hangers, and ironing liquid before ironing the clothes as needed.

Heated Garment Steamer: Turn on the switch of the Garment Steamer and wait for the machine to preheat. Generally, the garment iron will preheat within 1-2 minutes.

During this period, you can do some preparatory work, such as choosing the clothes to be ironed, confirming whether you need to spray ironing fluid, etc.

Ironing clothes: When the garment steamer finishes heating, you can use the nozzle to spray steam on the clothes that need to be ironed.

When using the nozzle, you can control the timing and intensity of the steam jet by gently pressing or relaxing the grip handle. When ironing, it is recommended to start from the inside of the garment to avoid ironing marks or damaging the surface of the garment.

Adjusting the Garment Steamer: Different clothes may require different steam injection time and intensity, you can adjust the temperature and steam injection volume of the garment steamer according to your needs.

Garment steamers typically come with several different temperatures and steam levels to choose from that you can adjust to suit your needs.

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